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Analytics Consulting

At Knfrmd, we offer a range of analytics consulting services to help organizations effectively use web analytics tools to understand their users and improve their digital presence. Our team of experienced consultants can work with you to identify the right analytics tools for your business, set up and configure the tools, and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure you get the most value from your analytics efforts.

Some specific services we offer as part of our analytics consulting offering include:

  • Tool selection and implementation: We can help you choose the right analytics tools for your business, based on your specific needs and goals. We can also handle the setup and configuration of the tools, including integrating them with your website or application and setting up custom tracking and reporting.
  • Data analysis: Once you have the right analytics tools in place, our team can help you make sense of the data they generate. We can provide custom reports and dashboards, use data visualization tools to present the data in a meaningful way, and provide insights and recommendations based on the data we see.
  • Analytics strategy: In addition to helping you implement and use analytics tools, we can also help you develop an overall analytics strategy for your business. This might include identifying key metrics and goals, setting up tracking and reporting systems, and establishing processes for regularly reviewing and acting on analytics data.

Whether you're just getting started with web analytics or looking to improve your existing analytics efforts, we can provide the expertise and support you need to succeed."