Kanmi Obasa
March 25th, 2023

Create Your Online Store

Creating an online store is much easier and faster to set up with the tools available today. However, this post will focus on WooCommerce and Shopify.

From an article dated April 6, 2021, "Shopify Has Nearly 11 Percent of the Total E-Commerce Market Share (Statista) Although WooCommerce has the largest e-commerce market share at 28.24 percent and Squarespace is second at 17.69 percent, Shopify is firmly positioned in third at 10.98 percent."

WooCommerce vs Shopify.

WooCommerce is a platform by Auttomatic, it is associated with Wordpress. Giving it all the flexibility of Wordpress. But for those who have worked with Wordpress for a long time know the issues that come with it. From experience, most of those issues are avoided with Shopify.

A tool is meant to extend one's abilities right, One should not need to struggle with the tool. When searching for a tool to use, we should always pick an efficient one. With Shopify you can go from signing up to publishing your first product in 30mins.

In my world, speed is important. Shopify provides the level of speed needed to get running quick.

Let's Talk Pricing.

Shopify comes with a cost.

The pricing plan page promotes a free trial. So yay! The monthly subscriptions promoted are US$29, US$79 and US$299 per month for regular folks.

Folks with big pockets or huge sales/revenue get a US$2000 per month plan.

Other folks, there is a Lite plan that costs US$9.99 per month.

With these plans, for starters you do not have to think about technically jargon. Start with a free trial and go!

WooCommerce always seems to be cheaper at the beginning until you add the cost of hosting, the template and the time it takes to set up things that are already preset in a different solution.

What does Shopify Offer?

All additional services, like payment methods, taxes and shipping all have preset options that make the journey a lot easier. In our world where digital personal assistants are becoming the norm, Shopify has Kit. Kit is like Alexa, Siri or Hey Google for getting your product advertise to your potential customers. The Shopify app store opens your store to endless possibilities. From Dropshipping, to Marketing, even affliate marketing. Shopify is a one stop shop for setting up a quick eCommerce Store.

During Setup, Pay Attention To The Following.

Shipping Zones Setup, Product Variants, Domain and other custom setups.

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