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Setting up a Shopify Store

At this point, We have gone past deciding on whether or not to use Shopify, WordPress/Woocommerce, Wix or Squarespace. In a previous article we compare Woocommerce and Shopify,

Create a Shopify account

First, Let’s create a new Shopify Store.

Shopify offers a free 14-day trial. If you need help during that period, feel free to reach out.

Once you filled up the necessary information about your store, You’ll have your online store dashboard in front of you.

And just like that, an eCommerce Store has been created.

The Dashboard should have all you need to run your store. You can add products, manage orders, and even customize your store.

Shopify Dashboard Sidebar - Setting Up A Shopify Store | Knfrmd

You're off to a great start. There are a few tasks you'll need to complete to get your store up and running.

Add products

Adding products to your store can be done easily with a few steps.

Title, description, media, pricing, and other aspects relating to each product. Try not to skip filling up some information about your products.

Design your online store

Shopify provides a variety of free and premium themes to select from. Once you have theme selection out of the way, go ahead and update your web pages. Watch out for the featured collection part. You can create collections for the home page under products in the dashboard.

Shopify Collection - Setting Up A Shopify Store | Knfrmd

To create additional pages, go to Online Store > Pages. You can add a new page or edit an existing one.

Shopify Pages - Setting Up A Shopify Store | Knfrmd

Add a domain

Shopify provides a free domain.

You can also add a custom domain to your store. This part could be tricky, this is why I'll recommend using Google Domains. The sync with these two is awesome.

Google Workspace offers a custom domain and secure business email and other useful features.

Review your settings

This is one of the best parts of Shopify for me. Everything you'll need is here. From payment provides, to customizing the checkout, taxes, locations, notifications and much more.

Don't forget to select a plan

Now that you have your store initial set up done, don't forget that your free-trial is only 14 days long.

Shopify Plans - Setting Up A Shopify Store | Knfrmd